Industrial ceiling fan ø3m 260W


Industrial ceiling fan ø3m 260W


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With an impressive diameter of 3 meters and energy consumption of only 260W, this industrial fan distributes an invigorating airflow over large areas, significantly improving the atmosphere in the workplace and optimizing staff well-being.

Product information

This ceiling fan is not just a simple fan; it is a model of thoughtful development, with a product structure optimized for maximum efficiency and a fresh, innovative design designed specifically with commercial environments in mind. With an impressive diameter of 3 meters and power consumption of only 260W, this fan distributes an invigorating airflow over large areas, significantly improving the workplace atmosphere and optimizing staff well-being.

Permanent magnet motor with 10-year warranty

A commitment of 10-year warranty as maintenance-free. The permanent magnet brushless motor is made of high-quality NdFEB permanent magnets with a temperature resistance of 130°C, preventing demagnetization. With an IP65 rating, this motor is protected from external influences. The innovative core heat dissipation design effectively reduces the temperature rise of the motor, improving its service life. Our production takes place in a dust-free workshop, with specific equipment and strict quality control, resulting in a skillfully built product.

What makes our industrial fan so special?

Powerful technologies

  • Energy-efficient motor
    Thanks to the permanent magnet external rotor motor, you not only enjoy high efficiency and energy savings, but also a compact and lightweight design that optimizes performance.
  • Dustproof structure
    Our patented labyrinth-like dust-proof structure ensures that dust has no chance to enter the core of the motor, resulting in longer life and reliable performance.
  • Heat dissipation system
    With our unique cooling system, the engine stays cool even under heavy load, keeping the temperature inside the engine low and extending its life.

Advanced blade technology

  • High quality design
    Our fan utilizes a blade design with a high lift-to-resistance ratio, fabricated from high-performance aviation wing profiles for maximum strength, durability and efficiency.
  • Targeted noise reduction
    The patented winglet design minimizes swirls and effective noise, ensuring a quiet working environment even at maximum performance.

Safety First

  • Comprehensive protection
    With 12 safety protection designs, we offer an unmatched level of safety, including motor shaft safety structures, safety cables and more, keeping personnel and equipment protected.
  • Impact resistance
    The blades are made of a non-metallic polymer composite material, making them resistant to impact and preventing breakage even in demanding environments.

Advanced control technology

  • Soft start
    Thanks to our partnership with a professional frequency converter manufacturer, our fan offers soft start, acceleration and deceleration capabilities, minimizing vibration and noise, resulting in smooth and stable operation

Efficient wingtip technology

  • Reduced energy loss
    The patented winglet minimizes vortices and improves the efficiency of the fan, resulting in stable and quiet operation even under heavy use.

Applications of ceiling fan

Our ceiling fan is not only suitable for a wide range of commercial environments, such as workshops, warehouses, gyms, stadiums, shopping malls and railway stations, but also offers unmatched performance and reliability where ventilation and cooling are essential. Trust our fan to create a comfortable and productive work environment wherever and whenever needed.


Frequency (Hz)
50 Hz
230 V
Power (W)
260 W
Air Coverage
330 m²
Optimal use area (m²) air velocity 1 m/s
Air displacement (m³/min)
5250 m³/min
1100 RPM
Noise level (dB)
39 dB
IP Rating

Product information

Fan type
Industrial ceiling fan
260 W
34 kg
3 meters

Air handling functions​

Climate Control Function
Cooling function

Other characteristics

CE marking
Factory warranty period
10 years
Product weight
34 kg
Packaging LxWxH

Product number

SKU: 30060530