Clamp fan ø30cm 50W black


Clamp fan ø30cm 50W black


This black ø30cm clamp fan (50W) with a convenient mounting bracket combines cooling, flexibility and ease of use in one elegant design.

Product information

This black ø30cm clamp fan (50W) with a convenient mounting bracket combines cooling, flexibility and ease of use in one elegant design. With its compact size and practical functions, this fan offers the perfect solution for creating a pleasant airflow where you need it.

With the included mounting bracket you can easily mount the fan on the wall, ceiling or any other surface. The sturdy bracket ensures a safe and stable installation, allowing you to position the fan at the desired height and direction.

The 30cm fan delivers impressive airflow despite its compact size. With its powerful motor and well-designed fan blades, it provides a refreshing breeze, allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures even on hot days. The fan speed can be adjusted to your preference, so you can find the perfect balance between cooling and energy consumption.

One of the advantages of this fan is its flexibility. The mounting bracket allows you to move the fan as needed and direct the airflow to specific areas of the room. Whether you want a cooling breeze while working at your desk, refreshment in the kitchen or air movement in a stuffy room, this fan is your versatile companion.

The 30cm fan with mounting bracket is also ideal for use in garages, workshops or hobby rooms, where good air circulation is essential. The bracket ensures a sturdy installation on the wall or ceiling, allowing you to efficiently cool the room and create a comfortable working environment.

With a silent operation, the fan provides cooling without disturbing noises, so you can work, rest or relax undisturbed. The compact dimensions also make it suitable for use in small spaces where space is limited.

In addition, the fan is energy efficient and user-friendly. With a simple on/off switch and an adjustable tilt function, you can adjust the airflow to your liking and achieve the desired cooling. This makes the fan easy to operate and gives you control over your comfort.

Choose the versatility, flexibility and refreshment of the 12 inch fan with mounting bracket. Whether you need cooling in your home, office, garage or workspace, this fan is ready to meet your needs with its convenient mounting bracket and powerful performance.

Advantages of the 30cm clamp fan

A 30cm clamp fan with mounting bracket offers several advantages, including:

  • Versatile placement
    The clamp fan with mounting bracket can be mounted on different surfaces. This allows you to place the fan in the desired location and direct the airflow directly where you need cooling.
  • Flexible direction
    With the mounting bracket you can easily adjust the fan and tilt it in the desired direction. This ensures precise airflow control, so you can direct the cooling exactly where you need it, such as your face, body or a specific area in the room.
  • Space saving
    Thanks to the clamping function, you can attach the 12-inch fan to a variety of surfaces, saving valuable space on tables or floors. This is especially useful in smaller spaces where every inch counts.
  • Targeted cooling
    The clamp fan provides a focused airflow, allowing you to cool down in a specific spot. Whether while working, studying or sleeping, you can position the fan to provide instant cooling at the desired location.
  • Mobile and portable
    Thanks to its compact size and mounting bracket, the clamp fan is easy to move and take to different rooms. This makes it a convenient option for use in the office, bedroom, kitchen or even outdoors during picnics or camping.
    Easy installation: The mounting bracket allows for quick and easy installation of the fan. You can easily fix the clamp to the desired surface and fix the fan securely and stably without additional tools or complicated installation procedures.
  • Energy efficient
    Despite its compact size, the 12-inch clip-on fan provides efficient cooling with low energy consumption. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice that helps you save energy.
  • Versatile use
    The clamp fan with mounting bracket is suitable for use in various situations, such as in the office, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garage or even outdoors. It is a versatile fan that can provide cooling where and when you need it.

In short, a 12 inch clamp fan with mounting bracket offers many benefits, including flexible placement, targeted cooling, mobility and energy efficiency.


Frequency (Hz)
Power (W)

Product information

Fan shape
Noise level
48 dB
4.50 kg
30 cm
Cord length
2 m

Settings and features

Automatically rotates
Wall mounting
On-off switch

Air handling functions​

Climate Control Function
Cooling function

Other characteristics

Number of speeds
CADR value
2460 m³/h
CE marking
Factory warranty period
1 year
Maximum height
42 cm
Minimum height
40.5 cm
Product length
20 cm
Product width
39 cm
Product weight
3.8 kg
Packaging LxWxH

Product number

SKU: 30000412